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ne seasoned Christian leader has said that you must help your group members concentrate on

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he seemed to lose momentary consciousness, could not hurry

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Bwnion ; also externally after Ferric phosphate ; and if hard, use

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asunder, breaking up circles and unions, and replacing union

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Transactions, the Share Capital and Reserve, and the Deposits held,

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culous lesions. The chief objections to the method are that a positive virus

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ing is done on note of hand. One bank, at any rate, that

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regulated in health is again illustrated by this experiment. After the blood

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economic, but very genuine co-operation is thoroughly

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Never a Penny reputation seem deserved, especially since, after forty-six

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D. R. Small, George Sutton, E. H. Williams*, H. W. Williams.

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are the results with an antiserum derived by immunizing horses with this form

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Epinephrin from the Adrenals, Jour. Pharm, and Exper. Therap., 1917, x, 49.

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at 7:00 p.m. to 38.8 at 7:00 a.m., or 30 degrees over night. The fall was f(

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streets of Verviers, you might fancy yourself in Bradford or

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twenty years. For the purpose of providing information as

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as no cry. The convulsions seemed to 'be bilateral. Each convulsion lasted from 1 to 2

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according to the best interests of the bank, but according


Pryor, \V. It. Vaginal hysterectomy for carcinoma of the uterus,

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prompts those members to be careful to select none but

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feed as badly, clothe himself as badly, live as badly as

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tis, that albumen is absent from the urine while casts are present in greater

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is further supported by the figures gathered from the city and rural units in

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might be reasonably assumed in the blood of icteric patients and has moreover

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During the past few months attention has been drawn to a serious and epi-

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NaUs, for diseased condition of, shown in interrupted growth. See

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while, l)Ut have been for the most part discontiiuied. These pots are ignited

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Chemistry. Recent research in physiological chemistry and

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vhen the call for transfer has come. This has been complained of at many

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Credit Banks, wherever they are established, have done

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Regular monthly meeting for receipt of moneys the last day of each month.

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c|itory animals are immune to injections of these cultures, the injection into

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out. In doing this the probability that susceptibility may be increased by un-

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at the rate of 4 per cent, only, allowing to members the

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Committee." Whatever Mr Yerburgh pretends as to his " scheme,"

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