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growth in straight infusion was scant, while that in the 2 per cent peptone solu-

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finely granular. The liver was not especially abnormal. It was congested and apparently

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I believe the following suggestions and ideas could

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exudations), in whatever organ or part of the M)dy, require this.

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Two previous reports have been made; the first was published in this Tournai., September, 1917, the

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the patient will react regardless as to whether it is homologous to the infecting!

adalat xl reviews

During the whole attack, which lasted several minutes^

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bizarre forms, 2.5 per cent; weight, 135.0 lb. These figures seem to support the

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know him, and if he is considered trustworthy, they do

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which tuberculosis could not be detected clinically, was limited to less than 10

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was twenty-five years old and had been in the service less than one month. Followi

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two posts at right angles to the line joining the binding posts. The only portion

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jthis tolerance existed at the time of the last injection of the series, 1.4 c.c,

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Clinical Diagnosis. — ^Mitral regurgitation ; mitral stenosis ; pericarditis ; passive con-

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Its growth is in no small measure due to the countenance

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habit of discounting promissory notes or of taking bills of

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and a good number, therefore, presumably very much smaller,

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I have had letters and applications from almost every county in

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end of four months ; twenty- four reactions and one failure at the end of three

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Your corporation membership begins as soon as your gift reaches

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patronise but must not borrow. There are many similar

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has ter hav 'em." (I don't agree with your carrying

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oatmeal experiment did not furnish conclusive evidence as regards the synthesis

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returns sent in for twenty-two show a collective roll of

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to eat of it, and for that purpose is obliged to take

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in these areas was evidently saturated with blood pigment and the areas that showed

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Much research work has pi-ovt'd that tlu' l"orm;ilion of a tubei'cle in any

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an atmosphere containing a known percentage of CO,. Comparison of the

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(ecueils) which he had found besetting co-operative banking

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