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details, but a few words about certain features interesting enough to be specially

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come and join it. It is contended that, to secure a sound

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Written communications to depositors respecting the state of their

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Honesty " finding " moral " guarantees, and devising means for " the

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found in Australia The Need of India Relief in Prospect

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LAVELEYE, E. DE. "De 1'Organisation du Credit Agricole."

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was for eating ; had to be fed ; never attempted to use her

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pupils with heart-lung preparations, in which the work by the heart may be

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•articular reference to the W'asscriiiaiui and ijoiiococcus com j^lcincnt-fixat'u)ii

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1 50,000,000 a year of money, I should wish to be under-

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A specimen obtained by catheterization the following morning contained a small amount of

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hibiting a characteristic common to the northeastern section of the country.

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is a marked erythematous areola, 4 mm. wide. (P"ig. 8.)

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made observations in this country. This seems to be admitted by all, even those

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Face-ache, aggravated in a heated room and in the ev^iing ; improved

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capacity- they have asked me to think about things thai

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Else, what keeps our pawnshops and our usurers busy ?

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The highest pneumonia morbidity rates are at Bowie and Wheeler. The;


Task Force will serve on this committee, keeping in

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In consideration of these data and since carbohydrates were to form the

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all of the other brands. The fallacy of "hot titration" and the errors in the use of

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gust 26th, the four of us were on a plane headed for

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nection, the fact that the antiserum to a single strain of streptococcus was able

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We are receiving excellent, positive responses in all other

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27. Dr. GouUon, jun., who used Potassium Moride with

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makers, printers, tailors, plumbers ; moreover teachers, male

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apologised most profusely to the latter, explaining

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than to the State with its subventions and the rich with

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It is sometimes believed that the germs of carrier origin are less virulent

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In the place of Schulze's three, it has four members on

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and away from the first post. As soon as the bridge is raised the primary cir

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in aheated atmosphere, and better in a cool or open atmosphere.

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Welch: System of Medicine, Allbutt and Rolleston, 1909, vi, 781.

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