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Ward, included the determination of the conduct of various bacteria in the more

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few, but nevertheless does well. As an instance to pit

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Chart 2. — Lysin curve of same serum as represented in Chart !.

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And again in proper season Surgeon Blank was on the floor ;

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was generally well advanced before the sun appeared. The days were fair!

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An' ef a feller crowded him, he 'd yank his tool an' shoot.

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above suspicion and have, therefore, been taken into account in my experiments

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account for the difference in the cholesterol values registered by tests made with

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Regular meeting for receipt of moneys the last business day of each month.

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of pneumonia in the base hospital in Fort Worth last month, last week, or yes-

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found its way into the eye from the edge of the eyelid,

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ing Camp was affected. It seems to have visited only a part of Camp Greenleaf.

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are absorbed in his care. A sick soldier is, so long as he is ill, not only one

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of careful discrimination in the selection of members, such

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South Carolina, and was born in Charleston, in 1837. For

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work with vaccines upon a variety of other infections done since has, so far,

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companies it often lead to marked lowering of the mouth temperature, read-

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of stimulating self-help ; it does not act as an educator; it

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there were as late as 1892 only five Raiffeisen banks, all

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same time guinea pig serum is titrated for its complement content, using human

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was really created for the benefit of agriculture, and was

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al reaction, in no wav differing from that caused b}' any otlu-r ]»r()lein. IHs

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Pains, which are worse in the night require this salt intercurrently

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tration of toxic proteins, or of substances capable of precipitating the body pro-

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21y; remarks on the diagnosis between acute appendicitis and

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Board of Directors: H. B. Bliss, Felix Carr, L. F. Conway, T. E. Hayes, J. D. Jeffers*, G. F. Jones*, E. H.

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may play a part in the reaction against malignant proliferation. "Grawitz considers

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admission. At all times both pulses could be felt at the w^rist and ankle, nor did

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had 2,200,000 francs outstanding in loans. The other sixty-

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nd water, lead acetate, lead acetate and silver nitrate, zinc oxide ointment, zinc

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to increase the typhoid agglutinin of the serum of any individual who has ever

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