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The transplantation of a tuberculous lymph node or a piece of tuberculous
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That overcrowding favors the dissemination of pneumonia can not be ques-
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by subscriptions, and which may be withdrawn to the last
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a series of comparative tests on fifty-two sera treated by this method, and tested
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institution, with the result of increasing the number of
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the interne. Hospitals failing to install and conduct a laboratory meeting thq
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cost when her family served in Africa. It was the thought that counted,
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471; lantern slide demonstration of the hemolymph glands,
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the typhoid subject, with those of the "cell residue" of Vaughan, obtained b^
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post is shorter than the other and carries a metal bar which can be allowed to
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forcing amaryllis bulbs indoors in water
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banks such substantial sums as 680,036 lire to that of
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and the nature and depth of anesthesia, is much in favor of the view that the
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good results but this particular ulcer was set back by it, probably on account of the
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Since that date there has been a pitched battle going on in
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and bringing forth prosperity in trade and agriculture,
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to the editor by Hoover, late Major in the United States Medical Reserve Corps.
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(Other authorized location for receipt of moneys: Granite Trust Co., 807 Broad Street, E. Weymouth)
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Practically the same thing is done in caisses in which,
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are discovered only by chance. They appear as burns of the first degree in the
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Reviewing the whole subject, it may be said that an epidemic of influenzal
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\'hen this overflow has reached the crest of the siphon, it will
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To reach the limits of the pharmacopeia and to exhaust the patience of tht
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their differences, to co-operate loyally among themselves as
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flexure and transverse colon pushed downward by a tumor mass."

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