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appreciation by the clinician. Two hundred fifty-nine samples of urine were

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"Son livre est de ceux qu'on consulte avec fruit." Revue d* Economic

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the lungs by a cannula tied in the bronchus corresponding to the lung under ob-

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holdings been rigidly eliminated from the system except

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by colorimetric methods should be considered as representing cholesterol plus

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much slow^er. Twenty-four hours at 37° C. on blood agar gives a heavy raised

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his day he insisted quite as strongly as ever Sir Robert

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disease continue to spread. The inability of the govem-

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•From the Dc-partmint of I'harniacology of WasliinKtmi I'nivii sity Midioal S' St. l.cmi.s. -Mu.

amaryllis bulbs sale

valve. The musculature of the heart was thicker than normal and fairly firm.

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antibody and show the fixation of complement if infected with the human strains

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bvious. The fall in temperature after this test injection of staphyloprotein was

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on one same footing (a first claim), it would make security

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are those most skilled in the art of medicine and most humane in dealing with

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she was quite unconscious ; pinching and slapping had no

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growth of the Flexner-Jobling carcinoma in rats, but accelerates the normal

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i+Rosenan and Anderson: Bull. No. 43, Hyg. Lab. U. S. Pub. Health Seryice. 1908.

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skin over the area of puncture was treated in one of three ways :

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of hemolytic streptococcus derived from the throats of milkers and accidentally

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Having considered the effect of camp life in weakening the physical tone

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tions of inflammation — and proteins, the tuberculoprotein in particular, are bro-

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that bile never becomes so concentrated in the blood of jaundiced patients

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tants of the mouths of healthy persons. For instance, —

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in whom signs of pulmonary tuberculosis or frank exophthalmic goiter arc dis-

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of honest business, seek to defraud the bank, I was bound

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plodding on, not impatient to increase the number of their

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