Planter Amaryllis Belladonna

lieir arrival remains with them as hmg as they stay in camp. Its characteristic
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The destruction of the color reaction in Pigment 28 solution by the Blotir I
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'iiza may be nearl\- explosixe in it s])rtads as rapidly as |)ersonal
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cocci and of ])neumococci in the normal throat as com])ared with a series of cases
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and of healed lesions in the apices increases with increasing age but that
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courts allow trust moneys to be deposited into their keep-
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complement, and in 12 cases the crude tuberculin of the New York Board of Health was the only
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"The information is quaint and curious, and of real archaeological value."
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Poliomyelitis, Jour. Infect. Dis., 1918, xxii. 182.
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concerns itself with a critical review of the existing hypotheses of shock. In
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an ordinary strain. Similar experiments for organisms treated with other
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*From the Bender Hygienic Laboratory, Albany, X. V.
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Germany had wanted them. But the circumstances of the
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but lie around in their tents trying to keep warm and waiting for a propitious
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source of their credit was to be their " high reputation for
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THE British Medical Research Committee has issued a monograith on this
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Moser, P.: LVlier die Behandlun-^ des Scharlach mit eincm .Scharlach Stn'ptococceii Serum,
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men by its " Utopian " boldness the banks were to " pledge
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(formation of a sodium salt of one or more of the bile derivates?). It was further
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and supervision are likely to be efficient. The Raiffeisen
planter amaryllis belladonna
obtained with most of the samples, when the reaction was performed under uni-
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the Caisse Ouvricre a"Epargne of Geneva from 11,275 to
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I slept — at least I think I slept — an hour by estimation.
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That quinine silicotungstate is capable of producing effects, may be seen
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(21) A-16-138. Coroner's case outside. Negro, female, adult. No historj'.
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may have slightly different values. The time of calving materially affects the
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(1) Those in whom the onset of symptoms dates from rheumatic fever, or in

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