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the suppuration is affecting the epithelial tissues.

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total, absolutely certain, very near to the point named, and

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neglected to avail ourselves of every one of the measures that are of proved

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associations of Wiirtemberg. In all these detached growths

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Jlie Douglas Bag.' — This is made of rubber-lined cloth, and is capable of

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could serve as excellent examples in any part of the globe.

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and declare such dividends, lose sight of the co-operative

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become ardent advocates of our work ; they bring their

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lagra in them by dietary means. One of these developed a prostatitis and was

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attribute simply to happy-go-lucky easiness, to Vertrauens-

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At last it seemed to be healed and was comparatively well,

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Triumph of The Flammersfeld Loan Bank did its work well. The

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spinal fluid, to be tested, and 1.5 c.c. of the combined 1.25 per cent NaCl and

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be shown to be still present in the tall test tube and in a readily oxidizable state.

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Ely, R. S., 249; report on thoracic diseases, Bartol, .) . W., 33( ;

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ford Mitchell's reagent, alpha-naphthol (Modern Urinology), I feel warranted

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the number of members has further grown to 4,000, and

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stitutes the effective factor of the system. Such elements

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a touch of Midas, wants to be seen in order to be under-

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we in a position to make an accurate diagnosis by using the agglutination test?

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cases, which inquiry requires minute machinery penetrating

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getting their "flying machine" off the ground. Thrilled, they telegraphed this '^

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building. We went to help evangelize, construct and

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