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Avas a transparent yellow. The same observation had been made in the dry

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in our own backward country. Cruelly, perhaps, but not

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the method just described are impossible. The writing point can move only in

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with lieginning migration of leucocytes. Small hemorrhages by diapc<lcsis. I'larly edeiii

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Some interesting observations have recently been made by Hopkins and

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serve an extended district (which nevertheless covers only

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Hooping-cougrh, in weakly constitutions, or in teething children, and

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Wiirtemberg Federation has formed its own central bank,

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only the commencement. Suddenly the trunk of her body

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Its losses on agricultural business are likewise infinitesimal.

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'From the Dcparlniciit of I'alliology, t iiivtr.sity of iMicliigaii, .\iiii Ailmr, Mich.

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"home, and I regret I have not heard from her since.

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neighbours assist the work, on what points they hinder it.

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in potency. Other than the fact that it is necessary to have the initial reaction of

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ture was very low, did the capacity come up to the actual amount even after

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red blood cells disappear. This hemolytic zone varies slightlv in degree with

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Charity has failed Instances quoted from Alsace, Italy, and

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organic basis for this salt in the tissue-cells. It is required

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and Melancholia. He was tired of life ; but had a fear of

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Board of Directors: John Burke, J. H. Burns*, P. P. Coluci, J. F. Curran, R. S. Herlihy, E. J. Leary, A. J.

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The following is a brief outline of this year's series: The introductory

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J. H., pathological technique, 70; .Uurray, W., rough notes on

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nature, may be seen from the fact that when the drug administration was

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Porter, C. B. Old-fashioned ovarian tumor, 414; tumor of neck

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Autopsy findings: Lobar pneumonia. Obliterative pleural and pericardial fibrous

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are determined to push the system wherever we find an opening for it."

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One of the greatest mischiefs practised is that connected

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of these institutions, the " bank" of Smederevo, was formed

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on the original Wassermann technic, making use of two quantities of serum, .2

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No. 4. Ferrum phosphoricum ; Ferric phosphate ; p xi.

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autopsy protocol, for they soon learn that this form of study is stimulating ;

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poison developed in the course of typhoid infection.

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'proteins themselves, that the series of experiments, undoubtedly referred /<) by

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left, and bringing down credit to those to whom it had been

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time was scarce as rubies, has meanwhile become plentiful,

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as we know. There are no houses with more than two stories. Most are mud

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al reaction, in no wav differing from that caused b}' any otlu-r ]»r()lein. IHs

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sels in the immediate lesion are contracted and anemic. Around the borders of

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