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only when the initial reaction falls within a certain zone of alkalinity, included

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be said that under the training of good co-operation, and

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country's educational system today. Many of the present leaders were educated

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citizens and, in looking, we came upon one entitled

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Talc 20 grams, creosote Yi c.c, oil of sassafras Y2 c.c

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Voigtlander : Unterkiihlung u. Kaltetod d. Pflanzen, 1910. ix, 359 ; Zentralbl f. Phvsioi,

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separate immune body, in other words that viridans strains were largely hetero-

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ment. Among such changes may be mentioned the increase or decrease in the

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but by deficiency or absence of stimulus, from want of nervous-

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the human disease. The first and older opinion is that it is caused by a streptO'

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/, /, K, L. M, drawers to hold pipettes, glass slidi.-

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Lungs, congestion of, with debility and oppression.

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disease, and the cases reported here were bled during the period in which there

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results in this case seem only to have shown that tethelin did not cause a retardation of

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Our Christian visitors were occasionally displeased,

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bide its time, with cash which might, every penny of it, be

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Scientist at the Central PubUc Health Laboratories,

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responsible for the reduction of the copper salt. In the formation of these

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AU Ailments aiising from a disturbed circulation, orabnormal condition,

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necessary to consider the effects of evaporation, hypertonic solutions and freez-

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rather is it assumed that it will be made up by instalments,

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bouillon undergoes an initial acid fermentation. Contrary to what might be sup-

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femoral arteries. Then proceeding as in the experiments above described we in-

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teacher, as your president. That brings me to the word

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ences in South Africa, 1899-1900, 208; .Mallory, F. B., and \ right,

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care of six of them. Brown, can you not find places for four of them in your

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small co-operative institutions with unlimited liability,

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The positive aspect of the employer's duty is to find for the disabled

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committee meeting. It is to their interest that they should

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exceeded 1 mg. per 100 c.c. of blood, and in the following tables all amounts

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which was not particularly favourable for business, netted

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comes and with which he mingles more (»r less freely is without justiticatinn. I I

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It is probable that the epidemic disease was recently brought to these camps.

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So far we know only of one disease which, instead of increasing or

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