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the common union, nearly all the Slav Czech, Polish,

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Such is oft the meed of genius, but it 's not the only one ;

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you can enrich this inheritance by contributing your good will, your time,

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modest, and unpretending. But the help given is sufficient

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ten cases of embezzlement or misappropriation, which were

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cent, etc., up to 90 per cent concentration of the dye. These are set up in a

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March 8, 1887, and also at the dinner given by the English phy-

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Varicose ulceration of veins ; also as a lotion on lint. Calcium sulphate^^

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are informed by the superintendent that a condition which he can not distinguish

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[yiebermann reaction, since it is produced by identical proportions of the same

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result of five years' painstaking work. But it has attracted

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are saliva, food debris, cell debris and bacteria, the contents of the mouth cavity

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•'^illitis, (liplitlicria, and oilier condition^ such ;is exposure. ;iud t.'\crs>i\c laiiguc

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ourselves. And in all probability People's Banks would be

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results in this case seem only to have shown that tethelin did not cause a retardation of

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2oGrawitz, E. : Klinische Pathologic des Blutes, Leipzig, 1911, Thieme, 204.

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One of the first things that became apparent to me as a

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the infection subsided, an ulcer resulted which did not heal although under the treatment

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ways, it has not often been our happiness to read. " London Quarterly Review.

lioresal intrathecal dose

both in acute and chronic cases, and feel well satisfied with

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duced by neglected cold. ^Vhen her case was brought under

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his discharge — this former pitiable object of humanity was the picture of per-

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the anterior lobe of the pituitary ; that is, it apparently retards growth whei;

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