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* The Ottoman Empire has an " Agricultural Bank," which is to
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and their evidence, what was in their eyes a useless
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streptococcus with equally striking but somewhat different results. The mortality
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years ago, I tried to form a co-operative farmers' supply
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What is your "alabaster box of ointment of spikenard?"
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and careful placement, crippled candidates for employment require it even more.
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of feeling so nervous and shy during tiie intervals of the
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able shares, and the successful provision made against the
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Patients, the worst, 119 WETTING the baby's head, 200
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Suppurations, dirty foul ichorous matter, with offensive odour.
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Incorporated April 18, 1889. Began business May 6, 1889.
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the protector and the assister of his neighbour. An isolated
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An' 'at no onry skunk 'at lived could make him take a bluff;
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various tissues of the body in fatal cases. The disease is manifested by a high
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cocci and Dahlia in the Guinea Pig, Jour. Infect. Dis., 1916, xviii, 353.
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This training consists of supervised cHnical work in a general hospital, mental
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ing, for 1 88 1 as .33 per cent., for 1882 as .27 per cent, for
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for that matter, thinks he has a perfect right to draw his own conclusions and
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'avis the excess of measles was about 2 or .^ times greater among the men. At
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reliable figures could be given at the present time as to the proportion of each of
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were often repeated, it might be left with all shares and
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to medicine, or to any other area of knowledge, are settled and final. Beware
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ences gone through, even by retired members, who had con-
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ently still in the dark. The simple and highly active hormone which was
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that there is a certain inconsistency in the test which expresses itself, not so
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therefore this " Democrat " as he happened to be, and a
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ber. They have long since far outstripped the undenomi- Pro s ress -
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indeed ? The woman took the advice, and is nearly 60 lire
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however, sent what I thought would relieve her. Early in
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Lingelsheim, \\ v.: Streptokokken, Handbuch der Pathogenen Mikroorganismen Kolle
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At.ophy. A case of unilateral progressive facial atrophy,
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in the administration. That is patronage pure and simple,
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uniform ; or, in other words, the vapor escapes the clothing almost as rapidly
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with large bullae, containing a serous or seropurulent fluid. Occasionally, par-

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