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good spell of time there was a treasure of 189,697,026 reals
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the abdomen a long twine string carrying a pin with a ring bent on the end is
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seems unmistakably evident that institutions like those
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stained specimens of blood, Hewes, II. F\, <i'J4.
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and discrimination, so as to allow admission to scarcely any
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ganism from the throat of scarlet fever patients, although only in a very limited
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Authorities on the Campaign against Infectious Diseases in Connection with the War,
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There was roughened breathing over the left lower lobe and, on the right, between the
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when feudal services and dual ownership were abolished.
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retainer. It was a touching kindly letter, referring
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failure, urethral strictures, pre- and post-op elective and obstructed inguinal
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in. Influence of Bile Derivates in Bloor's Cholesterol Determination
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nomic missionary. His striking personality, his convincing
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California/ Arizona district. He serves on the board of
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it has been a forerunner of pneumonia in many instances. We are still in doubt
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and irregular. Night sweats were constant, and, next, to his cough, were the
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among themselves before they begin to think of credit outside.
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No. 5. Kali muriaticum ; Potassium chloride ; p xviii.
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cent trikresol added, allowed to stand 24 hours, then filtered.
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is increased, because a relatively larger amount of air passes through the trachea
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period of time without injury to his hcallli, but when one is cold night and
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Board of Directors: W. H. Crosby, B. G. Cruckshank, G. T. Curley*, R. A. Dwan*, E. E. Erickson, O. B. Keith*,
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New series issued in January, April, July, October.
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this point go into what I would like to see a three year
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about accepting the call to Louisville. One night as
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cases having no history of syphilis and where my own test with smaller quan-
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possible to schedule a second weekly session with the speech or panel being
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(Other authorized location for receipt of moneys: Granite Trust Co., 807 Broad Street, E. Weymouth)
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have been laid down, and there is ample material to com-
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blood ammonia, shows that in addition to the acidosis which was present in all,
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on the genitals, with much swelling and edema. The erythema is attended by
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"From the Division of Laboratories anrl Kesearcli, New York State Deparliiiciit of lU-allli, .Mbaiiy,
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the completion of molecular arrangement and normal func-
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these camps had relatively little sickness. In November at Sheridan "few men
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bank did not really begin business until April 1895. Work
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hysterically, fate unkindly arranged that Kettlewell
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-^ approval of the local branch of the National Research Council, I under-
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Fussell, M. H., 552; a case mistaken for phthisis produced by
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all of whom must recognize the fact that the strength of an army lies in its
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tions of the cord showed no suggestive changes. (W. E. Kiely.)
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Excerpt from chart: Admitted May 21; died next day. Diagnosis: Tuberculous
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condition of affairs. A proposal was made to form a
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subject for courses in biology. This plan has been suggested on a previous
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The fact that the only cell in the diagrams which bears a close resemblance to
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after a few weeks. Because of the marked toxic action of the dichlorethylsul-j

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