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the eighteen months during which our English bank did

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deal first with the proliferation of the microorganism itself and secondly with

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nesses. The Raiffeisen banks, being small, strictly local,

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of this cell-salt no new brain-cell formation will take place.

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first instance with pure-line cultures as has been outlined by Cole and \'right.

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authorities asking if there were any such institutions

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That the correction of these wide variations of native antisheep amboceptor

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The physiologic study room shown next to the elevators can be used for

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be diluted until its urea content is 0.1 per cent.) To 10 c.c. of the diluted urine

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Marx^ les Jules Guesde ! " perforce instilling Socialist

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force acts during a very short time and doubtless the momentum developed in

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for the treatment of various types of maUgnant disease.

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ual is really immune, or, having been immune, continues to be so. To many

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existence in the r)glethorpe camps, it is not apparent why it has suddenly be

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made to me that the supervision committed to the "Council"

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6 c.c. of chloroform extract made according to Bloor's originrd method^ for

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Moser and von Pirquet found that scarlet fever streptococci were aggluti-

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serve Him as a couple. They were married in Long Beach

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blood flow, an increase in the size and number of epithelial cells, a decrease in the

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eyes " may have been in Byron's days not a particularly

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'^McNee, J. W. : Cholestcrin: .\n Account of Its Relations to Patholot;v and Phvsiolotrv,

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(prophylactic) "imni unity aqainst the microorganism concerned." (2) "Re-\

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The apparatus used in this method (see figure) consists of an empty one-

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in 1:1000 and 1:4000 strengths destroyed all the bacteria: B. coli, the staphylo-

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oatmeal made up the deficit in fat. (2.5 gm. of carbohydrate being equivalent to

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who could not afford to fail in their duty to the society.

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benefited by an extension of saving, than of the Treasury

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On ausculation sibilant rales may be noted, except when resolution begins, when

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Sevier coincident with the coming of new draft men. Sevier '"was practically

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being off, superficial ulceration. Pain after food, sour risings.

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pulmonary an excursion of temperature following an attack of indigestion, not

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very marked. On the other hand the streptococci X, Y, Z turned the blue lit-

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Lord, P. T. Analysis of twenty-six cases of typhoid spine, 689.

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spiratory diseases than the northern white man. The death rate from pn :umonia

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will be anxious to be treated, restored to health, in the new

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