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fhe pupils were equal, neither dilated nor contracted. Just external to the right eye was

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centration both on exposure for an instant and also for a five-minute exposure.

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head by automobile three days before. Morning of admission had become delirious and

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Instead of a protein the interfering body might be a dextrin-like body, but

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restricted to the opening of the proceedings with the

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Hoarseness, loss of voice from cold ; if not yielding, use Potassium

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from 1,001 to 5,000 lire. Accordingly, close upon 70 per

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propose as a means of meeting it State loans to landlords, for which,

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his dying hours he spoke almost as much French as English.

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institution is so peculiar that I do not like passing it by

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the United States there have developed an unusual number of somewhat serious

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with two or more diseases in childhood or early adult life.

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first seed planted of a crop which was to overspread the

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action as chemical gonococcides, which reduction is most marked in protargo

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last described seem generally fired with a peculiar fervent

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Cough, in consumption, with thick milky-white spit or white coated

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down as positive which showed even slight inhibition of hemolysis. Thus, 795

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equal and react to light. The conjunctivse are muddy, the tongue clean, the teeth and

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work of bringing home to the public interested that here is

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without sodium ethylate, a constant difference could be observed in the cliolesterol

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arrived at raising more, in fact quite enough sometimes

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" Mr Wolff writes brightly. He has the enthusiasm of the historian for

cataflam 50mg tablets

The composite liquid asset position as represented by investments, balances in

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the one instrument which promised effectually to provide

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the same things other churches teach, theirs is a pure

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The tonsils were fibroid and atrophic. The lungs were markedly edematous and some-

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dom from disease among those occupying them is shown when comparison is

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Hurd, A. W., 204; a case of epilepsy with possible medico-legal

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can be duplicated. This identity extends even to the necessity of increasing

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