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Rhenish parson, who confessed that the Raiffeisen bank

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time its application is made easier. The members meet

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per cent positive; the serum of the tube containing 0.9 c.c. blood emulsi<in. if

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a layer of epithelium which is continuous with the mouth cavity. The prominence

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Sir Medicus Challenged Henry A. Van Fredenberg . 223

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habitants, resolves to raise a fund by loan. Out of that

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*Also Coastal Plains Heart Association Research Fellowship

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JtheumaUc pains, if there is swelling of the parts, or white or gray

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which has, according to M. Rostand, founded one bank.

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transparent honesty, he continues, without doubt, the fore-

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entitled "National Organizations" beginning on page 25

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washed and dried. The granules appear a deep brilliant purplish red, while the

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Winslow, J. W., 242; Wise, J., 450; Zakrzewska, M. E., 560.

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example, Figs. 21 and 23) suggest a folding rather than an actual division of the

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Bemaiah B. Gordon, President Alfred Eaton, Jr., Treasurer

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being written by Prof. Hemmeter. This song was produced

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early signs. In the barracks, mess halls, lecture rooms and places of amusement,

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vaccinias in persons with a history of having recently swallowed "variolin"

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Biology shows Biochemistry to be a science. The practical

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or else the investment of the reserve in such effects, the discounting of

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\^e believe that one can obtain with this antigen results equal to those ob-

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less success. ^°' "' ^-- ^^ The more volatile essential oils are liable to cause con-

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an average of 2 c.c. of other proteins to control his tolerance at various times

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Ruh. ]\Iiller and Perkins^" isolated pure cultures of B. diphtheria from the ton-

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staphylococcus pyogenes aureus, obtained from a case of furuuculosis, B. coli

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tests with the colon protein were undoubtedly, due to a mild exacerbation, a sec-

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and that, unless the urine is old. no lixalion of complement will set in where

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He is the author or co-author of dozens of scientific articles that have

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costly services which so often come along just when

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originator of spinal puncture (Table I). Quincke, however, cites only a few

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In almost every case complete hemolysis did not occur with .8 c.c. of serum

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Why Agriculture must be classed as a " Poor " Calling Agriculture

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Be certain that their fragrance types, amid your laurel leaves,

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were, unless otherwise noted, determined for La- dose on samples in duplicate.

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The positive aspect of the employer's duty is to find for the disabled

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the liver, hepatic abscess, etc., in which either compensatory changes must have

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The Biochemic treatment of disease must not be con-

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exceeded, while the carbohydrate surplus of 100 gm. amply made up for the pro-

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The apparatus used in this method (see figure) consists of an empty one-

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