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feeding animals will not be without influence on the cholesterol content of the
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sion could do only one thing, what would it be? The
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improbable. Even such mild inanii)ulations ina\- break up weak combinations
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making the test. Another serum, having a hemolytic index of 15, will have .l.-^
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The work has been accomplished, as will be seen, by a
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^mplete. Man\- men wfie undoubtedly eN])ose(i to changes in temperature
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the process of accumulation contributors in temporary need
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dow. That rectangle of countries is located 10 degrees
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sensation in her eyes, causing a continued flow of smarting
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you will give a different colouring to your enterprise. We
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Its most glaring difference lies in its inconsistencies, such as a specific anaphy-
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qually true ; and this case was one among this number.
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(formation of a sodium salt of one or more of the bile derivates?). It was further
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had disappeared after scarcely twenty-four hours. The
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Folin's methods or a modification of the same, are now apparently agreed that
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not the " small trade," it is the understanding and appre-
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be shown to be still present in the tall test tube and in a readily oxidizable state.
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an emergency. Whether it's an automobile wreck or a

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