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yellow slimy coating, or discharges or secretions of the charac-
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series i)articularly of gentian violet, on nearly all C.rani-posilivc bacli'na is ot
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jbeen brought to the camps from outside. The weight of evidence is in favor of
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hang von acuten Gelenkrheumatismus und Chorea, Berl. klin. Wchnschr., 1899, xxxvi,
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ingly, one can scarcely be surprised to find that the business
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edge. This will be accomplished in one fashion by a few who make academic
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realized by the Division Surgeon that good results would depend upon early
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are rich in lipoids, but gives no definite values) or obtained by older methods, it
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in cows furnishing milk that has given rise to these epidemics is frequent though
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years, to provide it with the first working funds. That
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employment for such funds, is insufficiently developed.
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to Certain Experimental Hyperglycemias, Am. Jour. Pliysiol., 1917, xliv, 543.
more. Unfortunately, statistics as to their work are very
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no longer duration, nor differs in any other respect. In contrast with sensitiza-
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of and influence upon one another maintained among mem-
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occasion by Dr. Theobald Smith and might well be adopted in premedical
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compared with only 55,918, and 917,487 lire respectively
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of bacteria or tissue disintegration. In the earliest stages a fibrinous exudatej
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Bill Schaffer, retired pastor, entertained Dr. and Mrs. Wayne
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tolterodine (detrol)
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Lee H. Dice was the 1993 recipient of the Robert B.
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in Germany that it appears as if no propagandist society of
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the cheaper cuts of beef and of milk were in nearly every instance higher in

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