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LE CREDIT AGRICOLE. Journal des Economistes, December 1895.

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tubing for coagulation time estimations. The inside of the lid is painted a dull

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On admission, the urine was negative. Later it showed finely granular casts. A blood

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'Mueller, T. H. : The Mechanism of Cholesterol Absorption, Jour. Biol. Chem., 1*)1(), xxvii,

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First term, J^%; second term, J^%; third term, J^%;

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literature. Others have cited instances where a congenital absence occurred i

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supplying the wherewithal to pursue loftier objects, and

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tion. As a consequence, subculture transfers on slant agar in accordance with

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may, there were conjunctivitis palpebrarum and bulbi, with

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extravagance, how fast the idle becomes industrious, the

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Great is right, it is to be feared that even the most charitable

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and goaded their governments into cette grande folie^ by

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month in a private workshop, administering their own funds,

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(You '11 find his prescriptions in Luke Hansard's pages) ;

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On reserve for Uncle Sam. On active duty for Christ.

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out that the presence of various substances will not only prevent the forma-

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H. H. Pierce, W. J. D. Ratcliff, A. H. Shepherdson, W. L. WaUis, J. F. Welch, N. L. Whitten.

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was filled with a clear pale yellow fluid. Up to this time there had been no subjective

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j accuracy in working is to be obtained. The decisive test is an exercise upon the

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When money is flush, everybody pays in, and the societies

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of those shares have been issued and paid up. And it

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Mr Egerton sent to Downing Street that glowing report

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cultural and Urban A Working-men's Bank "Catholic" Banks

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The reaction of the sample peptones was determined on a 1 per cent

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that it is about one thousand times as efficient as pure carbolic acid, yet the

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Lingelsheim, \\ v.: Streptokokken, Handbuch der Pathogenen Mikroorganismen Kolle

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I ZAF I I poi?a£ \ I TAY/o/? I I s//£/3Y \ \ go/epo^/ I

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etiologic factor in Hodgkin's disease and call it corynchactcriinn hodgkini. The

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The Tissot Spirometer. — The Tissot spirometer is pictured in Fig. 3. We

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morphological and cultural criteria currently employed may differ sharply in re-

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to buy cheap wares with to hawk about. Now he has his

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Would our army face similar danger was at once the thought of those inter-

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by a landlord less indifferent than the rest, sometimes by

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on quantitative evidence and nothing but quantitative evidence of the same sort

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ural complement and the antisheep amboceptor of the patient's own serum and in

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First term, ^% ; second term, 5^% ; third term, %%;

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• You will receive a free copy of John F. Walvoord's The Prophecy Knowl-

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because the banks were willing to render a service so far as

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him with envy, hatred, malice, and all uncharitable-

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susceptibility to low temperatures as judged by their recovery. For example,

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10,372,695 lire in capital and 52,613,048 lire in deposits, as

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ticularly needed. No, Schulze selected unlimited liability,

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woolen and khaki clothes, and combinations of these to as many as three or

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erature of the subject reveals similar conclusions from the earliest of the in-

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has been measured, and found to be about 100 feet per second, or

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measles cases have been most enlightening and of great practical importance. In

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