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Louvain, Jumet, Brussels (2), Gosselies, and Gilly. It may
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are wonderfully healed up, and her dilation of heart almost
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teresting confirmalorv n;iture are the ol)ser\ations of Ih'ktoen, .Matlu-is Am] lack-
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roneous population figures used in the computation of rates. Populations have been estimated in the
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of Bologna nominates a distinct committee of five to deal
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ubcutaneous tissue where the vessels are markedly congested.
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:rade of the ])atient's condition may be due to a double focal cause, both the
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up to 60 gtt. daily, also four intravenous injections of salvarsan. And during that year of
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Philadelphia, PA, Crossroads GBC, Pastor Jim Brown - "The warmth of the
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of being exaggerated is from the beginning infrequent and shallow ; and on the
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had to live, for a considerable time just managed to keep
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may dictate, without stint and without limit, the effects of
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and 4 to 6 cm. long. One end of the casing is brought around the outside of the
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has on the whole answered its purpose. For 1880 the pro-
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a popular form of agricultural credit, designed to supply
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of the system suited for their particular work. A bad
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siders becomes an impossibility. Finally, resting your
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what's really hot in McAllen is the heart of church-planter
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whether gonococci or proteose and a corresponding decrease in opsonin. All
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Former House Staffer — Dooley Foundation Director 26
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in the South, and an increase in the fresh animal food component, such as fresh
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and friends, will be maintained bitterly and relent-
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Delitzsch banks successfully through their agricultural
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(guided by a metronome)." 'iMie mo\cnicnl is rt'peatcd Irom sexcn to sixty
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People's Banks are designed to serve, often quite as im-
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according to the testimony of M. Leon Say, "the most
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urine and stools, another will determine the antiseptic pr()i)erties of certain
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The Worthington, Ohio, WMC asked four current or recent
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eline and cotton renders the degree of protection afforded by the mixture of im-
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of cases the agglutinating titer for B. typhosus predominates. It has no diag-
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or some leather for making shoes. All these items are

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