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ALL infectious diseases are potential producers of "carriers." We mean

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*Bloor. W. R. : The Distribution of Lipoids ("Fat") in Human Blood, Jour. Biol. Chem.,

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of careful discrimination in the selection of members, such

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much longer time to return to normal. These investigators, in contradictioi

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tained, is of more value than negative results, and failure to repeat does not dis-

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and pneumogastric nerve, which latter acts on the digestion or-

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various extra oculars, and bottle of immersion oil, that come set in a block

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The liver was of fair size, the capsule was irregularly thickened and upon it wen

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those camps which have been unusually free from pncumoni.i and measles. Camp

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It is not too much to say that one half of a modem text-

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tions is not included, even by way of estimate, in any of the

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that in the southern provinces of the kingdom the adoption ia

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ments. The collective lending done in the past year is returned as

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Intermittent fever, with vomiting of acid, sour masses.

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become dry cotton that it can not be recommended even though it is a fair

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it has been a forerunner of pneumonia in many instances. We are still in doubt

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sary for this purpose when the pulse rate is raised at the first count."

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tionably appreciated, Raiffeisen banks can be formed only

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deposit forms. Ferric phosphate has then to be eiven in alterna-

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The Section of Physical Therapy of the University of North CaroHna

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Exudations, from any of the mucous linings which are corroding,

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correspond. Legends for illustrations should be written on a separate sheet.-''

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thoroughly trusted by his neighbours. And he must be

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