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That surprised us all. No one expected it, least of all

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reserve funds instituted. One of these is an ordinary reserve

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were connected, by short pieces of rubber tubing two long capillary pipettes.

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Flexner, S.. and Noguchi, H.: ]-",xi)erimcnls on the Cultiv.ilion of the Microorgani-m Caif^-

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which is carried over the left shoulder and is swung around to the chest when

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monia in the Casual Camp than in the whole camp. Also measles and mumps

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Evidently the cash credits granted have been put to good

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needy, to begin with. Strict economy, even in small things

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Vaughan : Measles and Pneumonia in Our Camps, Jour. Lab. and Clin. Med., 1918, iii, 248.

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313; ease of combined extra- and intra-uterine pregnancy, Per-

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600; clinical notes and comments, Edes, It. 'J'.,5iio: tetanus and

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inheritance, Dr Wollemborg might have done a good deal

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French soldier. General Gorgas had abundant opportunity to study pneumonia

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Otitis, inflammation of the ear ; Nos. 4, — 5, 12.

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Objections to liability of wealthy men. In most cases there are two

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of 1840, I was able to trace all the old footpaths,-

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practical and businesslike, and much better accustomed to

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effects focally ; but it is possible that their respective bacteria had then ceased

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and a capital of 105,700 francs ; the Saint Etienne Credit

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