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other respiratory diseases ha\e been spread by bronchitic soldiers. It mav be

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If this remains constant, neither a great acceleration in heart rate nor an increase

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of a defined general Law of Cure on these lines. Under the

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Servia's neighbour, ROUMAXIA, has likewise already in Roumania.

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being easily balanced by the addition of a small amount of other food with low

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this disease that there is no evidence that it is ever transmitted to nurses, phy-

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An' no cuss ever got turned down 'at claimed he wuz in need.

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The present condition dates from the first of the year when both lower legs became,

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Board of Directors: C. J. Adams*, A. E. Aronson, F. A. Brunton, J. F. Connolly, H. S. French, N. F.

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a common treasury, from which afterwards to redistribute j. s . not e of ,

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overflowing in the coffers of capitalists and the bankers."

elocon krim kegunaan

themselves collectively it may be, but still for themselves

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ducted with his antigen, because in private communication, ^° he stated that the

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I fects of this cleavage upon the infecting microorganisms, or on the process, if

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tive societies only, who take shares and elect the Com-

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either a diff'erence in the thoroughness with which the cotton was wet on the two

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did so later; and especially is this puzzling as the frank focal manifestation-

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cult to handle. The tissue is cut with the freezing microtome, and the sections

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gative aspects of the program, funds are also provided for laboratories in elec-

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Leucorrkoea (** Whites"); as a constitutional tonic, and intercurrent,

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ment 28 solution and identical results were obtained in every test; i. e., the Bloor

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this, that, although in Italy and Belgium there have, no

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organism inflammation of the joints in rabbits. This obser\ation has been fol-

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territory from the Alps to the Mediterranean, says M.

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Bring your patient to health on a bed of soft roses,

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The heart was slightly enlarged. The right heart was normal and con-

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tubercle bacillus grown on Petroff's medium represents the simplest means of

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Eyes (sore), on the lids, yellow mattery scabs ; in alternation with

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used being the ones prepared from the guinea pig, or beef or human hearts.

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effort was made only to discover and isolate carriers, without at the same time

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during the present conflict. Biggs,- in an excellent account of his French in-

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finger of fate. Today we maintain ourselves. Tomorrow science will have moved

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ferric phosphate carried the day. On the third night,

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been able to show that streptococci obtained from particular lesions and in all

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Blisters, eruptions, with clear watery contents, leaving thin scabs.

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** Weed," for the swelling of a gathering breast; this remedy in*

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peculiar circumstances. The bank of Cosel, in Silesia, is

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