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have been advised, however, to update their evacuation

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of 97.7°. A mean difference of 1^; a fall in mean high temperature, which was

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"thought was the most insoluble tablet on the market" only a small amount of the

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Five-gram lots of the compounds to be tested were weighed out in watch

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An' dey're all right dere, for de small boys' scare,

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find it very dull, Squire ? " I asked. " Dull ! Not

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most abundant where growth is the most active, and they are decreased as the

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The most extensive study of the pharmacology of tungsten, at present avail-

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is not difficult. The effort should be made to procure a large enough amount

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JteUnitia, inflammation of the retina at the back of the eye; for

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tities of both bromine and iodine and in places these elements are extracted on a

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The Convalescent TO HER Physician . Sydney Dobell 15

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disease he would erroneously conclude that the renal function was normal. It

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and a s}^stoHc in the aortic area. The pulses are small. The liver is enlarged.

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collected in small groups at or near their homes and held until cultures were made

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members, commanding the capital quoted. From 14,670

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Ulceration of bone substance (true bone) ; as intercurrent remedy^

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attempt has been made to train technicians in pathologic histology because thi

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This slight increase might be considered negligible and within the limits

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There can be no doubt that these banks are in their

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a natural sequence of ideas, to co-operation for the pur-

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Their arts^ — as scorpions give themselves the wound ;

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toward the diaphragm. Great care should be used not to touch the vessels or

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luccal or nasal discharge of the sick got into the mouths or noses of susceptible

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insoluble substances ; e. g., strong solutions of alcohol or of sodium hydroxide.

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" made in Germany," or at any rate inspired from there.

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delivered in various places, and the direct bearing which

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J*verpural fever ; this remedy alone may suffice for this disease, or

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more than a few hours, even though the utmost precautions were taken. To

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