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the small means of those who possess a little go very much

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mens for a blood Wassermann in over half of the cases.

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Loud strokes, with pounding spice, the fabric rend.

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one of its directors was careful to point out to me, though

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idensation fluid as well as tlie surface of the slant should be inoculated with the

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again, when, a little later in the same century, three Fran-

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mentation. The inner portion of this zone is shiny and somewhat puckered and there

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not satisfactory. The male with large transplants at the end of the first month

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from the surgical clinic, the ulcer being healed, Dec. 26, 1916. The potassium iodide was

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in whom an alimentary glycosuria has been produced by excessive consumption

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Courage, arise from despair life's battle to win again.

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and the next morning on my return I found all the sympt<»ns

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the country has brought forth and the country, it is con-

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I ordered it to be taken again, and in a very short time the-

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developing countries should be in the fields of medical education and public

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Tethelin was used in solution on a healthy operative wound on the thigh over an

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In general fatigue has evidently made troops som.ewhat more susceptible to

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in reading the test, because unless the hemolysis is complete, there is no hemolysis

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•desirous to find out what it could do. For various reasons

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that should be considered in the mechanism of the improvement or recovery

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were being made with a mixture of chemical compounds of unknown composition,

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Coryza, running cold ; No. 9 alt. 4, — 7 ; also p 75.

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Amount paid for $32,956.34 $8,684.67 $2,917.07 $6,851.74 $11,125.27 $62,535.09

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and B. prodigiosus were emulsified with 10 c.c. of salt solution, filtered, and a

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The absorption of oxygen is slower than for carbon dioxide, and more care must

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the liver or intestines had nothing to do with these reactions which occurred

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the condition of their class. In addition, it is said that

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4. To successfully have a First Love Renewal at CGBC

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to be sent down the whole length of the tentacle ; this impulse-

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of magistrates in his district, but for a long time

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Eliot C. French, President Charles H. Seavey, Treasurer

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was a curse to the district What pleased me particularly

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