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articles for agricultural use, or to pay off an old debt.

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teriologic examination of 297 mouths of healthy persons, 116 of which were

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fever is somewhat too irregular to summarize, (^ne interpretation offered fc

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Ptdse, intermittent, irregular, from exhausting causes.

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about 4,000,000 francs in advances, and declares dividends

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"Clark and Luhs : jour. Bact., 1917, ii, Xos. 1, 2, 3, pp. 1. 10'', I'M.

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Leeches, for instance, — pleasing creatures quite ;

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four possible methods which might be adopted for the destruction of the lice.

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except for the mission hospitals. As in many areas such as this, however, they

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Savings Bank of Belgium and Italian Savings Banks, show

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When in the noon meal of the test diet an excess of salt is added (up to 6

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This is the second annual program of its kind to be held by the Section

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mains has now sprung into being a new. reincarnated acapnia theory, with its

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is released by the injection of proper amounts of adrenalin intravenously, it is

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powder, sulphur chloride, and sodium bicarbonate are also of value but fronii

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the internal aspects and, to a certain extent, the external, ventricular, and inferior aspects

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metabolic function (the liver, for instance), faulty metabolism can reasonably

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ness is due to cuprous hydroxide which dissolves in ammonia and yields on oxi-

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patronise but must not borrow. There are many similar

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szviil VL—'PotamuTd Phosphate = KcUi Fhosphoricum^

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other forms of co-operation. They are answerable for no

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he seemed to lose momentary consciousness, could not hurry

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disease, but this has been a general tendency and not one peculiar to any par-

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preference to small amounts partly because such are sup-

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spreads so fast or is so prostrating, considering its symptoms. Influenza may

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Higgins, I". A. The treatment of placenta previa, G, 10; report

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ositive meningococcic throats. As this is a liighcr ])ercentage than is found

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pregnancy may be of interest, since at least certain forms of such toxemias,

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parallel ; otherwise the best results can not be obtained.

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istry, Ralph and Joan went to Japan in the spring of 1 990.

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for nearly two hundred years, was so terribly upset

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