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alkaloid and the typhoid poison on the inhibitory mechanism of the heart. There
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mav also be some relation between fermentation reactions alone and such a proc-
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Board of Directors: Arthur Bartlett*, V. E. Dozois*, H. J. Hall, R. A. Johnson, W. C. Lahue, B. D. Leahey,
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stances. Each of the 232 serums thus selected was reexamined with seven different preparations of tuber-
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pneumonia rate and no exceptionally high peaks. Thus the average rate for the
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nutritive value. This, however, is necessarily a slow process and comi)arative
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condition of things out of the hopeless slough, not of
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two rubber lugs. The rubber flange is placed between the lips, and the lugs ai
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of the carrier problem most complete. For instance, we know a great deal about
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His future wife would play an important part in his
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ing the functions of these glands. The principal result achieved through these
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ower they twa bottles of stuff Ah got on yer t'other
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really and truly a case of survival of the fittest.
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no evidence of increased fibrous tissue in the organ. The pancreas was exceedingly soft
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ether-alcohol, was responsible for the destruction of the color reaction in the
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.nimal, being sensitized, digests the homologous protein more rapidly.
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cific antibodies for the strain concerned in the serum of the patient. The viri-
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appear a little roundabout and self-contradictory, but which
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pain was constant and severe, and he could only find relief by constant applica-
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Dr. Thomas B. Barnett, Associate Professor of Medicine.
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the common good they are at the same time furthering
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i^Hoskins, R. G: A Consideration of Some Biological Tests for Epinephrin, Jour. Pharm.
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comes to have a very healthy respect for dichloraniine-T as an agt-nt for the
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populous and the busiest little country of Europe, in which
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One little experiment was first made on soil which had
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of experimental physiology ; appear to me to be the greatest
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the most part are normal, but slight and fleeting elevations as high as 99.5° or
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vites, unlimited liability associations to limit their liability.
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and the purpose of this precaution is to prevent the dispersion of these virulent
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beheld a big porker leave its precincts and proceed
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Ztschr. f. physiol. Chem., 1904, xliii, 316-319. Cited by Ufschiitz.
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confined within well marked-out limits unlimited liability
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the findings obtained from fifty cases diagnosed as ozena (atrophic rhinitis fetid).
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" moral " responsibility which Cavaliere Spingardi, the Presi-
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son, G. T., '-'ii4; report on dermatology, Uowen, J. T., 2s7, 310; an
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are told that it was our Scotch "cash credit" which is
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Regular meeting for receipt of moneys the second Thursday of each month.
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money slowly ; if wage-earning, their earnings are scanty,
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and dressed the cord. It is interesting to note that the native midwives do not
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an increased resistance to digestion is conferred on the protein of the injection
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The next issue will be dated January through June 1994. This would make a thoughtful
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in his contribution to the subject. Von Lingclsheim also discusses the matter.
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"bable that bronchitis increases resistance to measles, scarlet fo\cr, pneumonia

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