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chemicals in the box and is purified. Valves are so arranged that the expired

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" Leggy " the natives called it because of its effects

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landlike nodules at the lower pole; (3) the flattened fin-shaped tissue at the opposite pole.

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the rod is liable to break up the red blood corpuscles and discolor the serum by

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farm buildings, seed-corn up to twenty-five pouds, clothes,

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(g) Unsanitary Condilions in General. — Respiratory disease is arieclcd by

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These immunity tests so far as carried out seem to agree with biochemical

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•dissolved in half a wineglassful of water, a tablespoonful to

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treatment by biochemic measures four years ago, she was also-

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the tympanic membrane being regularly ruptured with coagulated blood and

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frequent vomiting being attributable to efforts at coughing. He considers it

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being suggested which is to form the backbone to provide

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with a large quantity of clothing. The time available for the work is usually

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The gains from self-denial are to be carried rigidly to the

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majority of instances we are dealing with a very inferior class of draft men. Companj'

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amotmt essential to health being easily obtained "ready-made" in the food.

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are less likely to develop the disease than some of those with whom they come in

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a small drop of the stain. The cytoplasm of the amebee takes on a purplish blue

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New series issued in January, April, July, October.

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apex, but louder at the left border of the sternum in the third and fourth interspaces. ''|

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is careful to explain that his countrymen positively

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ment. A doubtful reaction can always be rendered more certain by applying the

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tThis calculation can be simplified by the use of Table I which gives the Go figure correspondiii

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Consequently the consumption of one pound of oatmeal would almost suf-

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stilling the principles of thrift mercilessly harassed on his

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Co-operative It is very interesting to watch the gropings of RUSSIA

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^^Soper, W. B. : Zur Physiologie des Cholesterinstoflfwechsels. VI. Ueber Beziehungen der

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together to become their own bankers. The result has

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found thought and study, it has furnished the knowledge and counsel by which

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