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Reaching up on a shelf, taking down a bottle, removing the stopper, and

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Inflammations, with efliisions ; Nos. 7, 2, 6 ; also p 56.

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New series issued in January, April, July, October.

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growth, mucus-like in appearance and regularly defined gray colonies. After

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shadowed by his arrogance. To him science was "Die deutsche W'issenschaft"

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tions or associated groups. The Branch Davidian cult

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fere most. Such a body, however, would seem to be excluded by the lessen-

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aggregate, the safest, the most remunerative, and the most

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ethylsulphide dropped upon back of hand and immediately washed away. Chemist. Burn exhibited stag'

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^atinnal^pllolusljip af ^rarc PretljrEn fflljurtljES as

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gitis, pneumonia, and measles, by days, during December, 1917, and January,

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The crucial proof, howexcr, rests in the identity nr Udnidenlity of human

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The 64 sera, which gave no hemolytic index, came from a variety of condi-

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of normal, both clinically and anatomically. Anatomically, the strictly normal

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ents, and educational counselors with the profession of physical therapy.

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tributed, the latter being a textbook of personal hygiene.

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solvent floating on the solution being extracted is used, the modification con-

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study. Age had no influence so far as our studies were concerned. Old men

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varies for each lesion. The eye symptoms appear first, within six to twelve

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of all times, and which will probably never be superseded as an authority until

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as streptococcus infrequens and streptococcus pyogenes respectively. Kendall

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rally about 600 or ;8oo out in loans fructifying in people's

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carried in dust, and it is not sur])rising that the acute respiratory diseases ha

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are no salaries beyond that paid to the ragioniere, and there

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almost diametrically opposite to what one might superficially infer it to be.

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Ierivates obtained from cholesterol- free gall stone residue and those present in

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particular Unit of the Hospital only as participants in clinical

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252,223 francs and lost only 5 francs. One of the most

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evidenced by the careful attention given at all points to the

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18, was the coldest January in 40 years. January was ;in unusually cold month

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corded in Isaiah 9:6: "His name will be called Won-

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the emotional excitation or "morphine fright," although he did not directly study

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