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diseases, 70; Herter, A. C, lectures on chemical pathology in its

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COj-rich atmosphere. Temporary improvement accompanied by increased res-

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hard to determine. In favour of the former derivation is the fact

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like our well-known heroes of self-help, see their opportunity

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III. The weekly two-way radio sessions with participation from the staffs

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dangerous or is it the actual decrease of the absolute amount of alkali in the

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the same time adopt with anything like sufficient fulness ^^^^J 1

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1,480,432 marks (74,021) per association. That, of course,

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The discrepancy in the results with the wax cones is probably due to the

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the base hospital was in process of construction, and some of the wards, par-

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a crusade in Cleveland, Ohio in June. In addition, Mr.

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ble diseases a rapid diminution in the sickness rate will follow.

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Hast thou e 'er entered the deep springs of the sea?

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Verti|;o, with gastric derangement ; Nos. 5, 11, — 4

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Nerve fibres (white), when in an abnormal condition do not propagate^

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"Bronfenbrenner, J. : Specific Parenteral Digestion and Its Relation to the Phenomena of

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associations and i supply association, had registered themselves as

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such as has been sometimes assumed to exist among our

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Pains, neuralgic, deep-seated on the bone. Also Silica; beating

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in this field. If this is true, and if it be proved that our results with the com-

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That is M. Yersin's advice, and in his own bank (except The "Schwei-

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Incorporated January 13, 1948. Began business February 9, 1948.

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parties to the bargain and their attendant satellites

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also done parallel prothrombin tests on several cases, using .5 c.c. of potassium

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have combined to a co-operative insurance union, IlPopolare,

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The Bible becomes the perfect case book of this kind of ministry, for here

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success of the results with the medium depends in a large measure upon this

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•Quifuy, second remedy, as soon as there is any swelling in the throat.

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tuberculosis of the adult may possibly be a secondary infection from without.

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Stowell, E. C, Hilliard, C. M., and Schlesinger, M. J. : A Statistical Studv of the Strepto-

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deposits. All these figures show a remarkable advance

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are present in the tissues, the invading organisms are at once destroyed. This

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Walk" is by the Rt. Rev. J. L. Spalding and is from his volume

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