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and no carriers sent to camp, in our opinion this disease would be greatly reduced

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Uterus, discharges from, " Whites " ; Nos. 5, 7, 9, 1, 10 ; also p 78.

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It is evident that these patients have the optimum amount of calcium as

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the democratization of production also, the securing to the

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tiplex character of the growth of animals is shown by the fact that cholesterol

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in the case of older members, who are allowed to retain two

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(3) Bacteriologic Studv of Streptococci in Milk in Relation to Epidemic Sore Throat,

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Spasmodic cough, true spasm, convulsive ; Nos. 8, — 1.

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guarantee," a capital sufficient to command benefits which

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his sensitization against this protein was then, without any doubt, high.

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fifty-three local committees, consisting of from three to five

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fercnt guinea pig sera. When about 7? per cent hcniol\si^ has taki'u place in

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dwellings have become decent, the gardens well kept, the

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"This research was commenced at the Laboratory of Pharmacoloiry of the University of Michigan

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property of fermenting sugars and a rise and fall in pathogenicily. In the case

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take only I share each paying for it by monthly or weekly

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accept its terms, which are : the adoption, generally, of

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By Charles C. Haskell and R. H. Courtney, Richmond, Va.

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mens were not selected, but came to the laboratory for the routine serologic

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Paralysis, atrophic, in which the viteu powers are reduced, and stools

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First term, M% : second term, %%; third term, Ji% ;

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Nasopharyngeal treatment by sprays is also useful by limiting the source

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Dr. Hooker has been professor of anatomy and chairman of the Depart-

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arrangement builders carrying out contracts can receive

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she could find the right position to re^t in. She would ofteni

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of classes for whom the savings banks were not intended.

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cal manifestations of tuberculosis and because of peculiar lack of uniformity in

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PubUshed in cooperation v.^ith the Whitehead Medical Society

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The German apostle of co-operation did not long halt at

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