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Trustees: T. Francis Begley, Spencer F. Deming, Harry K. Edgell, John R. Hughes, Harold H. Nylund*, Paul
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brought to me who suffered from severe conjunctivitis, with
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the carbohydrates of the food. There still remained to be determined : ( 1 ) the
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the kymograph by two screws passing through the vulcanite block at two
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his native country of Italy, M. Durand, of Lyons, learnt a
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francs. And even on that lower rent he has made a loss. One day,
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of " favour " in the matter ; the borrowing is done as a
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first to be borrowed. Friends put in some deposits. The
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identical with the bacteria acting in the human body, it is essential to use an
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was isolated in pure culture once. One culture yielded bacillus acidophilis.
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• I small cannula may be inserted into the ureter, a longer ])iece of glass tubing
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€2 real estate loans (average balance, $11,650; average rate, 5.02%); 414%, $35,601; 5%, $624,494; 5H%f
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tom which we call a "convulsion." One of these we may call tlie chemical
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When indoors, in an etTort to keep warm, he joins the crowd about the stove.
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gether, with the minister for nineteenth, to start their
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church drew its year-long 50th Anniversary celebra-
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Avas a transparent yellow. The same observation had been made in the dry
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circulation. That is not very much. Generally speaking,
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when used early, will often prevent the development of the
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be longer — about five minutes, especially if the sputum remains undissolved and
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I noted are the length of the chains, the size, shape, and arrangement of the cocci
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given, so diluted that aU the molecules of the dissolved
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from Camp Zachary Taylor, found about 15 per cent normal carriers of the
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should be sterilized by steam, rolled in paper, or placed in a paper bag, labeled
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Ddicate young infants are much benefitted by the use of this con
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For the analysis of total nitrogen, a modified Gunning method was used,
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VI. — 'Potmsium PhoiphaU — Kidi Pkosphoricum, xxxL
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and mucus white and hard to cough up ; for the depression of
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You become a voting member of the Herald Corporation.
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deeper stain than the stratum corneum. The nuclei stain deep purple. Tumor
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Brethren Church will culminate a year long celebration
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peutics, it is aU important practically to find out
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" supporting central institution " of which Dr von Jekel-

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