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A properly trained and experienced technician is capable of handling

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First term, J^%; second term, J^%; third term, Ji%;

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3. Serum \eal agar (veal agar, 2 ])er cent jjcplonc, neutral, plus normal

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1(17; gonorrhea of the prostate, Vanderpoel, J., 176; a new

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cannot help thinking that in so small and so distinctly

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arresting a tubercle bacillus or a polymorphonuclear leucocyte engulfing a gono-

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to buy from him, to sell to him all at his own prices.

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Nor stillness so cold, nor running water from the faucet, nor

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with the multiple infected, they absolutely obtain to a possibly less extent witli

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The mere presence of pneumococci in a nose or throat is of course not

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opisthotonos and unconscious condition before death. At midnight convulsions every few

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M. Say, be surpassed in London or New York. And all

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3;''Le\vis and Benedict: Tour. Biol. Chem., 1915, xx, 61. Mevers and Bailev: Ibid., 1916,

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ably. It is this being able to get an extra pound or two to

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means of Kassensckeine, running either for a period of two

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more marked in upper portion. Smears showed Gram-positive, lancet-shaped diplococci,

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of the Utah Tuberculosis and Health Association. His wife Margaret is also a

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the colon protein, after only a few injections of this protein used as a straight

effects of zofran during pregnancy

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Eyelids, granulated, with or without secretions of tears.

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Predisposing and contributing causes existed to some extent. 'I'he weather

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Associations The Credit Cooperatif de Lorraine M. Rouzes'

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taken by " specially authorised " societies, formed under

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lending ? This Weimar case is of course a peculiarly

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History. — Twelve years ago had had t\phoid fever resulting in a phlebitis in legs. Legs-

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until the total reaches 200,000,000 francs, which point is still a long way

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of these gave a history of syphilis or were suffering from diseases like tabes or

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and various correspondents amounted to 110,653,966 lire.

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' In testing with the colon protein, at the expiration of his rest jieriod, it was

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may cause great benefit while evincing very marked signs of toxicity. ,

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force acts during a very short time and doubtless the momentum developed in

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(Other authorized location for receipt of moneys: Arnold Hoffman Co. Inc., Main St., Dightcn.)

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the lowest. ^Measles is thus seen to be much more epidemic in character. It

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(2) The death rate in these age groups is greater among males than among

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