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original pink-brown tone. The same results could be obtained when test tubes

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rial to the boards, churches and members of the NFGBC.

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any danger to the abstractors. Malversations are accord-

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In considering a special antigen, the one for the complement fixation of tuber-

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An entrance fee is exacted, and the share is made payable

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" Brimful of information ; there is plenty of anecdote to enliven the text,

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15 per cent. such freedom of purchase has led to a sad

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he took Potassium sulphate instead of Potassium chloride;

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and the death charged to this cause instead of measles. This is a more probable

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honor of Dr. Tayloe's wife, Mrs. Bernice Batts Tayloe.

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periments show that a saturated solution of naphthalene in creosote was more

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M. Stokolowski, Dr von Keussler, and more besides. Yet

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gives a reaction of immunity on first vaccination, you may rest assured that small-

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other disease. Experience shows that it is especially prevalent among recruits.

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struction of the Inferior vena cava, Kit/., R. n., 416; the mode of

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Cold in the head, first stage ; for the circulatory disturbance.

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not in the fullest sense co-operative, and hence its early

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years. It was during these years that most of the material of

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For eleven years back at various times, save this last year,.

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of elimination of the individual rat. Notwithstanding the masterly analysis of

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bonds pledging purchasers of small real estate to certain

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At the time of writing, Dec. 30, 1916, the blood cholesterol, lymphoid

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single or multi])le. 'Che niulti])le ones are usually small, although this does not

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jugation with sulphuric acid or with glycuronic acid in the liver. Thus are

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hemolytic index and can be tested by the method described. We have as yet ap-

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Diagnosis. On the value to the physician of modern methods of

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in bile. The titratable acidity should be not above 0.5 per cent normal acid to

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