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or the test. The complete test consists, briefly, in placing the patient on a

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Secretions, discharges of creamy consistency, and acid.

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"A genuine contribution to ethnology." Pall Mall Gazette.

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introduced parenterally, there is the possibility of the chemical nucleus bcingl

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considerably better. At this visit I found the tongue

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employs a cashier, who acts also as secretary, at the small

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excess. There are, therefore, in each of the last three tubes, complement, anti-

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the present main hospital, which would provide, in addition to ade-

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.amounts, from 100 francs up to well beyond 10,000 francs,

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convincing, and is generally accepted as the first definite proof. Bernard showed

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cent we had allowed him to return by rail to his home at B.

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short Act reinstating the " Property of the Society" in its old rights. We

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remaining 22 per cent where the index was higher, the results did not agree well

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meningitis during the past winter from those States from which we have been

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the small or large intestine (Fig. 3), the uterus (Figs. 4 and 5), rectum, heart

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exertion and as combative as the normal animals. The fact that such cats live

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final hydrogen-ion concentration. The remainder of the bouillon was then pre-

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ceptor was present. The actual difference in the amount of sugar in this case

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will fall heavily upon the physicians, but the medical fraternity is confident that

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ade when possible but it is too technical and complicated to be successfully

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of acidosis, nevertheless, several other cases in which the acidosis was just as

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a solid stationary block or post, and fastened onto the ring on the near side at

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as without an occupation. These proportions vary very

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-was given up, as the incontineucy always returned when it

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and indoors is of the most promiscuous character. Food is less carefully pre-

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symptoms in 24 hours. Ferric phosphate and Potassium

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Board of Directors: R. C. Bigelow, E. S. Bliss, Carl Buffington, H. S. R. Buffinton, T. J. Carey, E. J. Cote,

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measles there may be an extension to the terminal bronchi, and the inter-com

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and had in consequence committed suicide. I earnestly

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gation made by the British Board of Trade into the cost of living in American

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still in want of that support which combination can secure.

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Co-Pastors Ed Lewis, Sr. and John Diaz cut the dedication cake

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egg-albumin showed no immunity to such inoculations.

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we must seek to prove it, therefore, by indirect means. But even this is most

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