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same lines, in the Third Arrondissement. Of course he

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ess was used chiefly in obtaining various color compounds from methylene blue.

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Llogy and physiology, I had learned to master an intelUgent-enough expression

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health. Such an emphasis might be much more effective in combating ignorance,

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stains that go to make up the armamentarium of the laboratory technician tes-

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different varieties. Mellon,^ in a recent article, makes the statement that he

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one confirming the results obtained with the tuberculin of Besredka. In 30 cases out of this total of

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was our problem of how to reach Jews for Christ. We

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or for some little building job, or else cash to enable the

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lives, the message of Isaiah 9:6 gives us some quali-

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in this laboratory, but in view of the requests, from visitors from other labora-

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