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activate the Unit and begin admitting patients by mid-December
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a thin, withered crop of wheat, which in the accounts must
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of Grace regularly by phone, is an integral part of the
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have, we understand, found that the medium of Williams and Burdick also has
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immunity, which by no means could be called specific, is due to a mechanis
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n the leading svmi)toms seem to point \n that disease, there is lu're ollered
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therice undergoes an initial increase in hydrogen-ion concentration. This is soon
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One case was that of a bookbinder, middle aged, whom Dr.
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the most part these institutions are very insecure, often
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come from the patient, or from interested relations,
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had typhoid or been vaccinated against it. Dunklin,'' working with typhoid im-
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accounts are said to be opposed to the traditions and practice of
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genuinely co-operative, there has been found to be no more Repayer.

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