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i,t,4itest noticeable reaction of any kind soever. Very obviously 0.025 c.c.

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Je n'ai pas voulu le dire, les premiers mois, afin d'etre bien

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variable but present to some degree in every patient of the sixteen injected,

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safe debtor, who repays the money lent to him with ample

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several having pulsating livers. It should be mentioned that while all of the

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numbering by the thousand, turning homeless labourers

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In the transition border there are small hemorrhages by diapedesis.

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sarily mean a loss of strength. The same thing has happened

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Stone in the bladder, to check re-formation of the same ; butterjnilk

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the green pigment in the latter is increased in the presence of sugar (Aschner).

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results he describes. These proportions have therefore been carefully main-

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There is another propaganda in progress in Italy which "Catholic"

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a latitude with regard to rules, which makes the union a

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pended like a haversack. The mask meighs 375 gm. and the cost is about sixty

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Beyond all this, we have now some pioneer banks at work,

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lire. By 1893 the paid-up capital had risen to 118,228,000

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"neumonia in the camps are not explained on the grottnd of variations in kind

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fluid because of its leakage through the capillary walls into the tissues. Thi-'j

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the Wassermann reaction, not only with our standard amounts of sera, but also

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dies from No. 1 to No. 12 in the numerical order in which

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There is considerable variety in the organisation and rules

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better purpose but the genuinely poor whom we are told

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' levcland, to which we wish to exteinl our thanks.

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its cause, there would have to be in every case of shock a verv evident engorge-

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home at midnight, and had a very bad night. Bryonia was

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"good " Italian banks distinctly surpass the best among the

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Excerpt from chart: Admitted Sept. 24; died Oct. 4. Clinical diagnosis, tuberculous

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Share capital as represented by five classes of savings and investment accounts

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banking in Austria and Hungary which make it an in- Bankm S .

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regulated in health is again illustrated by this experiment. After the blood

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Brown, T. R. The changes of the leucocytes in disease as an

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unessential motions and operations, and it is surprising how much one's time

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Diabetes ; the symptom for which this remedy must be siven inter-

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was covered with a thick layer of rather tenacious mucus. There was no evidence of ulcera-

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That is another advantage of small districts. " L'usure They facilitate

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