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to them by the Association. Poor fellows, who could previously

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from penury. " We could not then eat such good polenta,"

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moral and spiritual foundation from which to grow, and

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surgery, Watson, F. S., and Thorndike, 1'.. 12: faulty uterine

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istration to rabbits of 0.017 gm. daily for 45 days. He concluded that it is not

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Monsieur, oommuniquer la bonne nouvelle aux peraonnes qui

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Judging from this, Jackson. Pike and Sevier sufifered from lack of clothing

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concerning these matters. However, the following points seem to be fairly

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inflammatory, congestive, or febrile tendencies. When a

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It seems most probable that this peculiar distribution is attributable to the

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Hologic Institute of the Cincinnati General Hospital.

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matter adhered literally to his teaching, his banks have

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the transition is occurring slowly, and with some oppo-

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attempting to obtain the hemolytic index in samples of sera from placental blood

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the simplification of accounts, and an advance in respect of

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64 real estate loans (average balance, $10,201; average rate, 4.93%); 4Ji%, $162,524; 5%, $415,248; 5K%i

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be a significant day in the history of this school and will provide badly needed

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liver has occasionally shown an increase in blood ammonia, such cases are,

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M. H.,29; lymphatic and portal infections following appendici-

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P, This boolc is DUE on the last date stamped below.

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Master's Seminary, will be the guest speaker for the morning

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your plan through me in a most unusual way. I will,

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generally, to a multiple of that figure. Of 117 associations

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tAn excellent discussion of the anatomy, physiology and other phases of this siilijecl has been

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typhoid fever A causes a less pronounced increase. Meyer and Christiansen,*

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chemicals'' have been recommended to be worn in small bags about the neck or

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whether they should continue as a pastor. They have

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elsewhere. And we have administrators as efficient as any

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like some other members, felt it my duty to retire. The temp-

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upon as a good work, the work of assuring credit to the

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offered no solution. Before the institution of a portable microscope and stain-

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In the other case the population will be fixed, but sparse.

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months, for a person to grasp the Gospel and accept the

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Some organizations sufifered more than others for no app.'MX'nl reason. riie

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in finally solving the problem with which we are all grap-

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Still one other and definite factor is to be considered. This is syphilis.

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to carrying freight. Sailing reputedly as a neutral

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Room— and in our cafeteria. Private dining rooms are available

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believers know that their plight is known by the outside

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Sunday school meets at 9:45 forcing an early service

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what is the effect on the blood sugar of modifying the circulation through the

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