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shorten a convulsion if it is given at the appropriate time.
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with milk, in the course of about two months, before death ensued from fatty
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1. On peptone-free agar all cultures which arc ordinarily .^rown on standard
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tory obtainable. Neck stiff. Kernig positive. Spinal puncture showed white blood cells,
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" bell-wether " the poor to the lending table. Evidently it
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require .Potassium phosj^te as intercurrent remedy.
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" Letters from Italy," high and low treated him with a
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It is gold — bright gold — in his hand that lies —
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sera are then tested with the {|uantities of cholesterinized antigen as shown in
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Mangili, Levi, Manfredi, Cavalieri, Concini, &c., in com-
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is tlie surest remedy for many diseases, especially
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leucocyte migration. The process is nonhemorrhagic and nonthrombosing.
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to determine the specific gravities of the various specimens. As a result it can
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On postmortem examination the lesions have been found in various localities
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chloride were continued in less frequent doses. Six days
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are fastened for the attachment of wires of the primary circuit. One binding
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there should not be left idle any men who can be made into productive
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at this point that the presence of a fermentable sugar (e. g. dextrose) in blood
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early January. These two projects will increase the bed capacity by 40.
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j of a "central body" (Centralkor])er) he considers "out o\ the (|m'>lion."' '.Prue
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of and influence upon one another maintained among mem-
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tive " to dissociate education, discipline, opening the door to
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ous and gastrointestinal symptoms were mild but distinct. The diet consisted
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This case is unusual in several respects. In tlic first i>lace, tliroinliosis of
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Here was an approved instrument handy to do it. But
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subjects having placed the devices more or less poorly in their own ears; but this
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tiny sums up to 20 francs, repayable at the rate of 2 francs
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chase of cattle. There are in the Canton of Thurgau no
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"The patients are listless; there is mental hebetude; but delirium and the
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:or the gall stone residue liad already suggested tlie instability of tliese bodies in
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speedy cure may most reasonably be looked for. The cases
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secutive quantitative tests should be made at an interval of some days. Many
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