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lire in 2OO-lire bonds, and only 250 lire in a bond for that

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gested by Davidowitch, may be more thermolabile than most others, and since

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** Whites" (Leucorrhoea), discharge of milky-white mnom, thick,.

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Its general use in the detection of various diseases, and in proper dififerential

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half as much milk, very much less of other meats, and hardly any salt beef as

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ognized to be due to the streptococcus since the time of Schutz, is of interest. In

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Bob continues to be very involved in youth ministries,

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nizable lesions to ten days. He intimated that repeated exposures might be

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of Genappes, showed any signs of life. Among them the

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Government of Prussia, at the instance of one of Herr

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way and their action on gonococci determined as seen in Table III.

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and reliable when natural complement and the antisheep amboceptor of the pa-

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security ; and socittaires or membres effectifs, who come to the

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Dysentery, with crampy stomach-ache, eased by warmth.

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The liver was of fair size but very flabby. The surface was scarred almost generally with

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way and their action on gonococci determined as seen in Table III.

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iV.^.— ON SELEOTINa A BEMEDY, read always the first two

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prises, watering the desert of distress with fertilising little

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Banks 6 S *he forty-six years of their existence made available for

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total, absolutely certain, very near to the point named, and

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ordered Potassium chloride to be given alone for the swelling,

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Sicilia, and the Abruzzi, all of them weak provinces, where

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classes would be beyond all estimation." Spectator.

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cessive cases." In Camp Greene there has been but a single case in which sus-

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,)nset. Rapid occlusion of both splenic vessels leads almost without ex'^ception

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extending His touch — all the way to Philadelphia.

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Biography. Abbott, O. U., 52; Idam* / B., 602, 504; Andrews,

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