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have passed, leaving their most unfit on the filter. To figure the average strength

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real sustenance in the broth and a few plums in the pudding, enough to make it

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necessary to consider the effects of evaporation, hypertonic solutions and freez-

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upon their " honour " that is a most misleading phrase

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loan a People's Bank could grant more easily and to much

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sterility. There is an intense social pressure on the women to bear children lest

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'osed camp. It is felt that l-'unston and Dodge have suttered notably in this

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not surprising that he should have made it his first aim to

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fixation of tuberculosis, to deterniine the possibilities of diagnostic aids. Sza-

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tened with the muzzle at a distance of 6 cm. from the orifice of the meatus of

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the guidance of a special investigating subcommittee of the Aledical Research

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that they have "demonstrated beyond doubt that, with

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-^^ alkaline copper solution to cuprous oxide by sugars and certain other re-

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high road for five miles with a little over two miles

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! One wonders just how many carriers there really are. In certain small

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per cent (Sahli) : A spectroscopic examination of the blood showed hemo-

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if the mortality is corrected on the basis of 51 cases it is found to be only 6 per

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Regular meeting for receipt of moneys the fourth Monday of each month.

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periments on ten cats in which the operation made by Cannon was repeated.

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solutions 71.7 per cent of their measles cases discharged from the hospital

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ture, and 26 per cent, artisans working for their own account.*

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When we hear about him boasting of the guineas that he earns

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Whilst the stiffest cravat his long neck was enfolding ;

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rhage in the cecum and blood stain around the anus.

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The following is a brief outline of this year's series: The introductory

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(1 ) The United States Public Health Service, with its personnel, functions,

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bits whereas the bovine strains are not. Davis has shown that the human patho-

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he could, under French law, withdraw what is actually

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seem pretty logical and natural at first view, but which nevertheless must be

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of course, no association in the opposite position dares to

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im besonderen des Auges, Arch. f. Anat. u. Physiol., 1899, 360.

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only be achieved by the aid of relatively large svims of money from the State,

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tensive literature, the bulk of it American in origin, on this subject that has

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usually spread over a larger area. If this can be done before the expiration of

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The bacteria grew almost as readil}- under anaerobic ;is under ai'robic

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The remedies given were Potassium phosphate and Cdldum

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interested in his case, and in accustoming his mother-nurse to the keeping of an

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It is evident from Table 13 that Army rates are above those for civiliai

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in making the routine Wassermann test in hospital laboratories. Presumably it

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Visitors to Carlsbad may see one such, rather a typical

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Board of D rectors: C. D. Ansley, E. J. Boardman, F. F. Davidson, S. G. French, R. J. M. Fyfe*, E. B. Gray,

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the copper oxide in its finely divided form is the large content of jirotective

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