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Kali mub. or Potassium chloride ; see pp 48, xviii.

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tibiied peritonsillar abscess, otitis media, empyema, arthritis, nephritis, peritonitis,,

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that ordinary venous blood collected from an animal during asphyxia causes

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unlike that of a number of other diseases, (scarlet fever, measles, diphtheria

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on the same seemingly barren soil, but business flowed to

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For instance, take measles. In November there were no puhnonary complica-

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an educating way. The current of opinion appears gene-

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Laparotomy. Needless laparotomies, with a report of eight

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lending is acceptable to them. Some banche popolari also

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heavier out of water than when it is immersed, is accordingly counterpoised in

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(Shelby and Kearney) show lower death rates than New Orleans for this age

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Board of Directors: H. F. Dalton, H. S. Eaton, F. A. Ferguson, A. L. Finlay*, R. E. Fuller, R. N. Gaylord*.

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of scarlet fe\er. Besredka and Dopter were unable to obtain a fixation reaction

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Ithe many errors to which most biological reactions are subject.

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changes. The appendix was present, 9 cm. long, and, from its beginning, ran directly upward

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the preference was being given to large business, and higher

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we know that the streptococcus group is not only a large but a very variable one.

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mouth secretion of 297 individuals in health and without history of recent con-

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Board of Directors: 0. E. Bevelander, H. W. Brigham, T. H. Connelly, J. H. Fitzpatrick, C. L. Havey*,

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insure completeness of absorption and not administer the mercuric chloride in

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would be obtained. Gianturco recognized temperature effects and suggested

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Wright, will now share the pastoral responsibilities with

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per kilogram body weight. This solution had been made from the Mallinckrodt

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sowing cultures did not interfere with the growth of the tubercle bacillus. He,

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should have careful studies of his renal function and in most cases there will

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condition you do not, or every one of you does not, com-

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and observed that a rise was obtained when the adrenal veins were open, but

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the work be the same, both pulse and pressure will rise much higher and take a

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^Gettler and Baker: Tour. Biol. Chem., 1916, xxv, 211.

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by some banks in Scotland and in Ireland, and, I believe,

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in Schulze-Delitzsch and Luzzatti banks, where out of

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togenous Pigmentation. Fri. : Icterus, Exogenous Pigments, Non-

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offer proceeded remained available for other methods. On

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" Mr Wolff writes brightly. He has the enthusiasm of the historian for

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equipment in the local hospitals where the groups would meet; (2) to move

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