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works on pathology by Mallory and also by MacCalliun. It would be a serious

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ovocaine. In the interest of rational nomenclature, the first term should be used

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trition from mild underweight to the full blown syndrome of Kwashiorkor.

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\ auirlian, Surgeon-General's Office, Washington, D. C.

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Balance of net earnings after dividends $ 6,574,672.84

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If they can save a man's life, they 've a right to pro-

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Numerous complications have occurred in these camp measles cases among

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ichanged for twenty-four hours, at least, under the same conditions.

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Agriculture, spoken in the Belgian Senate, " is changing, '

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The earlier observers of transferred passive streptococcus immunity, von

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reflex is absent. There is no clonus. There is no spasticity of the upper or lower

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of the theory that the acapnia is a causative factor in shock. There is no reply

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vestigations for the Rockefeller Foundation, has described the acceleration in

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is the author of a number of works Dr. Newton attended Cornell Univer-

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effectively for their course through life. We must not, in

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By Ardrey W. Downs, M.D., and George Hays, M.D., Montreal, Canada

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gums "poor." The epitrochlear glands are palpable. The chest is symmetrical. The

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ment for the School, was awarded as a means of enhancing the

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there is the law of " distress," which has staggered some of

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!i the part of the patient, here including even the change from the horizontal

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An' every other kind o' thing existin' sence the flood.

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He is likewise satisfied with his bargain. Unfortunately

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xxxii. VI, — Potassium Phosphate — Kali Phosphoricum.

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quate to its purpose. So we have created the " acceptance,"

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needle, is placed a short piece of rubber tubing of good quality, and about one

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Government affects to represent it while really representing

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7. The Wonderful Spirit-Filled Life, by Charles Stanley,

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Putting for the value of 1 c.c. of the standard the letters

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invariably paid her a visit on her return from town.

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In the test proper the required allowances are made. If a serum was

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cted. According to the registrar of the Base Hospital, fully one-half of the

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are those most skilled in the art of medicine and most humane in dealing with

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The material being extracted will remain in the bottom

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Patrick case from a medico-lef;al point of view, 396.

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pointed down the valley and said, ' That has all been

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"80 per cent of the cases of pneumonia arose in the Depot Brigade, which is

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conveying the pill of social and political influence concealed

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had disappeared after scarcely twenty-four hours. The

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system assured by smaller districts and thoroughly demo-

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ing that the intestine is necessary for the polymerization of sugar and the forma-

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