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have considerable to do with the final recovery from the infection by their influ-

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weak reactions became somewhat stronger, but in no case did they become positive.

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4. The "Mallock-Armstrong Ear Defender," 1916 pattern, manufactured by

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■intramuscular injection, ten or twelve tubes of practically constant diameter,

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des Magen — und Darmkanals, Miinchen med. Wchnschr., 1912, lix, 1910.

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Bloor's original method and its modification might furnish valuable information

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steady, of 4°, and a rise in mean low temperature, which fluctuated, of 0.4°.

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*Edmunds, C. W. : Ztschr. f. Immunitatsforsch., 1913, xvii, 105; Ibid., 1914, xxii. 181.

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upon Creation. It is thrift by which self-help for the masses,

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be said to be unfavourable. And I think I may add that unfevourable.

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enough to believe that if I told these Jewish women

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is to provide the funds for initial expenses, to 2s. The

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Accordingly, to be at all useful, the principle must be put

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1. The developmental stage of all goiters is characterized by an increased

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SS6 real estate loans (average balance, $5,255; average rate, 4.78%); 4%, $172,776; 4K%, $188,941; 5%

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using such cylinders, two or three hanging drops may be kept together on the

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in two days. As the colour of the sputa changed to yellow,

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cases with 38 deaths occurred in and about Boston which have been described

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is at Miilheim a considerable revenue from cherries. This

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Need of Small Village Banks Common Features in Rural Italy and

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of Wassermann tests with large quantities of sera made by him at the Uni-

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The growth in these cultures being mucus-like, it was thought at first that we

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clined, and credit given, not for the orthodox three months

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forth a Remedy A Co-operative Bakery Co-operative Purchase

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the bent end of the "fixation wire" is brought into position and attached with a

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of inability to rise, or to remain up, yet pain felt less when

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time, and these have been most varied. It has been found by several workers to

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£ye8, sore and red looking. See also Sodium chloride.

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citizens and, in looking, we came upon one entitled

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11 M. Wolff, a 1'ouvrage duquel nous rendons hommage." Revue des Deux

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These observers failed to obtain the results reported by Cannon and his pupils

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