Does Zantac Affect Pregnancy

tions on these points, properly recorded, we should soon have information of

what is zantac medication used for

omy in its relation to art, 14o; Makius, G. H., surgical experi-

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maximum loan allowable to one person is 300. I ought

does zantac affect pregnancy

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ing. upon as the main pioneer of modern credit co-operation,

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Board of Directors: W. W. Brouillette*, W. E. Curtis*, F. W. Full, F. A. GaUagher*, J. A. Johnson*, E. P. Lane*,

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start, so that the disabled man shall have no chance to go out unemployed

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to be found in the backward state of the Italian law, which

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small precipitate on boiling. Results obtained with experimental samples indi-

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former procedure is just as irrational as would be the latter, yet it is still beii

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Traltlng the poor just the same as he traited the wealthy,

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farmers oppose, but the ulterior use to which they persuade

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is sound, and only requires to be more widely known to be largely

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them now. I would sooner efface all record of them. If

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different in diff'erent cases. When the hemorrhage has been rapid and has been

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may also stoop very much lower in the social scale, and

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The average death rate lo(l;i\- from puhiiou.ny tuberculosis is apiĀ»r<)aching

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Hackett : Aleasles in Camp Upton, jour. Am. Med. Assn., 1918, Ixx, 728.

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2 per cent peptone (Witte) bouillon. A reaction of the bouillon corresponding to

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samples of each brand, duplicate determinations having been made with each

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their rickety timbering and ramshackle roofs, have dis-

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201; fractures of the spine, 267; angina cruris (intermittent

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was covered with a thick layer of rather tenacious mucus. There was no evidence of ulcera-

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go into the country to see a man who had been suffering-

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distance and direction and the shot fired; (6) the condition of the wax packing

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reducing material). The yellow precipitate is usually accepted as clear proof

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:attend to any ordinary duties. Generally vomiting of bile

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these camps had relatively little sickness. In November at Sheridan "few men

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