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satisfy the demands which it professes to meet. The adminis-

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ejBfect since, although he still speaks of "tea time," he his learned to speak the

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the Meyersdale Grace Brethren Church. His address is

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lations were again healthy. The solution was continued for the next week and although

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zantac side effects kidney

are granted for one year or less, 43 per cent, for from one

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furred tongue, white or gray deposit ; second remedy.

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of infectious patients, two handwashing sinks are being placed in each main

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" Letters from Italy," high and low treated him with a

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of course, to have such a convenience. And that is a telling

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provement, shine alike upon just and unjust, upon orthodox

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would lead one to believe it to be due to exciting causes within the institution,


costly services which so often come along just when

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effect in checking streptococcus infections in the animal body. Its action indeed

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Charles C. Hearn, President Russell A. Stiles, Treasurer

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ies, and personal discipleship became part of their lives.

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stratum. On a smaller scale there is quite as good work to

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routine of office supervision for work for which he is very

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Table I shows the results obtained in a series of cases with Scarlatin N( -

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Directors: W. A. Ashley, W. E. Fales*, J. A. Freeman, W. E. Haskell*, Marguerite M. Mondor, A. G. Ross*,

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As a general rule technicians who have been trained in but one phase '

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dent purposes, which leads the borrower into enduring

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ence and good work, should expect increased remuneration.

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afhnily of tin- parliculai- cullure in (|uestion for a given tissue in tin- body. It is,

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Cai>ip IVIicclcr. — The men at Camp \"hef>ler were recruited mainly from Alabama,

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streptococcus rise after vaccine injections. The results in the treatment of hu-

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*From the Clinical and Research Laboratories of the Wesley Hospital, Oklahoma City, Okla.

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