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23Kinloch, J. P.: An Investigation of the Best Methods of Destroving Lice and Other
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Lskin over the face ,and neck, ears and scrotum were niarkcdK' cwmolic. The
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Some years later Cannon^- - and his pupils at Harvard produced apparently
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but more vigorous luetic treatment was adopted. Though the Wassermann had been
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W. A. Luddy, C. E. Merrill, E. W. Nutter, James O'Brien, H. P. Perkins*, M. F. Roach, Jr., J. B. Thorn-
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his own work and from a review of the literature, thinks that no well-authen-
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the man to whom rich and poor alike may without fear
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vaccines; in fact, for any work in which the standards are transparent enough
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resolved to combine the work of an economic reformer
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though the enlarging breasts made the examinations unsatisfactory. One trans-
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Potassium chloride, or other remedy according to the appearance
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To accomplish the latter two ends I make use of trocar of brass tubing
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dredth part of the dose that causes toxic manifestations subcutaneously.
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in olilnininK the priiu-iiial reagent ( dinielhylsnliihale I ,iiul the great iliflunlties experieneed in seenrin;^ a
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10. Contrary to the statements of certain English and French observers, the
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her ailing so long. This, was the description the patient
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istence of certain given characteristics: First the inability of any one of the
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-Sabbatini : L'acido solfidrico come antidoto generale del mercurio dal punto di vista fisico-
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serious. Her husband wrote to ask which of the.biocheinic^
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social sciences, and the biological and physical sciences in professional nursing
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liquors in the diet, it can not seriously detract from the value of the test. More-
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nothing. There are diminutions also in Basilicata, Apulia,
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of their families. But after all this was excusable.
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reat number of carriers of certain diseases which have been discovered it is
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sister institutions elsewhere, they appear to be perseveringly
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same and is equal to 50 mg. of glucose. The amount left unreduced
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matter of great importance for the agricultural classes, to
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monia water, however, only lessened the intensity of the reaction, and did not
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sidered once an organism gains resistance to any one silver solution. In order
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in No. 138, and to lesser extent in Nos. 67, 126, and 132. Excluding the first
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phide. Illustrative of these versatility requirements is the fact that Witte's pep-
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a biological process which is not obviously and directly useful may be the basis
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uniform ; or, in other words, the vapor escapes the clothing almost as rapidly
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pathological conditions, without the aid of the Therapeutical
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The highest pneumonia morbidity rates are at Bowie and Wheeler. The;

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