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Fig. 2. — Original nasal mucus field. B. mucosus capsulatus types as seen with the Gram stain.

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Robert Hofanes reports tfet Gertrade Hofates i-^ r'

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AM somethin' of a vet 'ran, just a turnin' eighty year —

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decidedly valuable character. Whether or not the proportion tends to throw

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in them. Such a method is in use in our Casual Camp No. 1, and it seems to

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them money. This kind of co-operation does not draw

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-suffering intense pain. Sodium pmsphate and Ferric phoa-

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Comparative Morbidity and Mortality Among Officers and Enlisted Men

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The results obtained in these experiments corroborate Mueller's statement

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C. A. MaUard*, E. J. Marcorelle*, G. C. Parsons*, A. R. Philpott, H. E. Porter*, N. L. Quint, P. N.

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passages showed a purulent inflammation. On the evening of the third day the

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judicious, to make it kind. The fact that deposits average

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to me singularly deserving of notice in this country, as from France -

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factors here, not only from my observations of the sensitizing qualities of these

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official return prepared by the Ministry of Justice, out of

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on 23rd December 1890, with only sixteen members, all

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isolate all those found infected, and sterilize all infected mouths. In following

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who guide them are evidently anxious " to do something,"

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mm. Hg should arouse suspicion and is an indication for repeated exaniina

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he at the same time obtains all the benefits of cash pay-

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gave excellent results when used over a year after its preparation, and none

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help forms an essential factor. Some of the early experi-

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cent in 30 minutes exposure) was tested against various concentrations of'

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15 minutes, while controls of normal persons ranged from 4 to 12 minutes.

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Faruncle, fistula ; Nos. 5, — 12, 2, 6, 4 ; also p 82.

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— well on his way to becoming a fiill-fledged leader, so much

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haps inequality of osmotic conditions or ])hysical strength of the cell are factors.

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given is worth the interest paid. Unfortunately it is not

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adrenals intact, then stimulating the splanchnic nerve with the adrenal veins

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A considerable deterioration takes place in each of these silver solution

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rity, and to render unto God the things that are God's, and

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The skin test reported in this paper is based largely on the work of Gay' and

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srfectly smooth surface. Here and there upon the surface were rectangular areas of pale

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Thus in two of the three great propagating centres of

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sold on a concept of ha\ing a goal in mind. I like to

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can comi)ensate for the loss of epinephrin secretion from the adrenals. It has

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comparable results than by the use of a method in which a standard amounr

ondansetron orally disintegrating tablet 4mg

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