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stantly invading the camps in which the infection becomes intensified and is

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than his urban brother and why the southern soldier is much more susceptible

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jerk was diminished on the right; exaggerated on the left. There was no ankle clonus. (

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ire being employed. This distinction can be fairly well made, liowcvcr, by

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a precise description of the " great idea " governing M. Luz-

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digitalis, which has prolonged ever since the life of millions of cardiac patients

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Lies the grim old country doctor, in a massive oaken bed.

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unto the Lord, and the house of Israel was filled with the

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wonder and unsuspected order and subtlety that we have had in the physical

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the diaphragm. On the third or fourth day, as a rule, the cough loosens and ex-

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ilion "NoNocaine" in addition, since il holds the right to this designation by \ irtue

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per cent to 33 per cent, with a parallel drop in the neutrophils and a marked

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" Un excellent travail." Bulletin du Credit Populaire (Part's).

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The destruction of the color reaction in Pigment 28 solution by the Blotir I

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^Cited by Jobling and Petersen: Jour. Am. Med. Assn., Ixvi, 1753.

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S74 real estate loans (average balance, $4,657; average rate, 4.40%); 4%, $265,371; 4H%. $334,586; 5%,

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Federation, composed of only about forty members, who

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remedy for the predicament into which we have got is, not

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time without discomfort. Invasion and pneumonia depend upon the relative

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ments very well. These were built over a plaster cast made of an ear of a

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In the retrospect it seems a small undertaking. To A Small

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in the accumulation of voluminous literature. From time to time various at-

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two years' bonds at 3j per cent, interest, a corresponding

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Calcium phosphate, and it had no good effect, as the par-

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as he defends the hypothesis that in malignant conditions new types of cells are

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the blood sugar by the use of drugs offers the slightest hope for the treatment

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trol and abatement of communicable diseases among the entire population of

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Hog-nosed Snake, Lystrophis d'orbignyi, Brazil 0.20. . .0.20

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28. A case from a contributor may here be mentioned,,

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might be noted that a number of essential oils have been vised with greater or

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Fig. 3. — A tracing showing a record obtained with the instrnment alter erf,'ainnie (and adrenaline).

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were in March thirty-one members (twenty-eight men and

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and the water can again be used in the process. The oxidations in the body

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to a diminution of business, not to any disastrous collapses.

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■iice such a raj^dlv developing hemorrhagic rash is diagnostic. Pur])ura is a

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the ex])iralions to pass dirccllx' into the ont>idi' air. Alter iTspira'oi y c'(|ni]ili-

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technician, cashier, chaplain, and record room personnel. The pediatric, men's

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not contracted apparently, and were gray and fatty. The valves, with the exception of the

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